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Tom Walters, Senior Consultant

Tom Walters, Senior Consultant


Tom has been building websites and apps for nearly a decade, joining Cantarus after graduating with a First-Class degree in Computer Science he’s worked on projects such as the IoD’s recent website refresh, and the development of Sport Direct’s mobile e-commerce platform.

His broad experience across the development landscape and commitment to delivering high-quality results place him as one the business’ most experienced project managers in the mobile app space.

When he’s not cooking up a new app or website outside of work you’ll probably find him in the kitchen experimenting with as many obscure ingredients as he can get his hands on.

5.4 – Put Your Members at the Heart of Content Production (Cantarus Showcase Seminar)

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Use a member-driven content strategy to drive engagement, ensure content consistency, and deliver value. Through persona-driven content review, we’ll enable you to effortlessly target your audience using our powerful content production plugin to go from zero to value in under 15 minutes.

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