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Russ Magnuson, CEO & Co-Founder

Russ Magnuson, CEO & Co-Founder

Results Direct

Russ has spent the past 35 years developing technology solutions for associations, Fortune 500 companies and the US military. He has developed hardware and software for shipboard communication systems used by the US Navy and strategic planning by Coca Cola, Herman Miller, and Arthur Andersen. As a co-founder of Results Direct, Russ has led development of software solutions — CMS, AMS, and Mobile Apps — with innovative personalization and integration capabilities to other platforms and systems.

3.6 – 2025AD: The Future of Apps for Membership Organisations

Room 2

This Digital Futures themed seminar will look at apps and what they hold for membership organisations in the future.┬áThe pervasiveness of mobile apps continues to expand in every facet of our day-to-day technology, professional, and cultural experience. With each new generation of hardware and software the capabilities of apps are growing beyond what was even […]

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