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Richard Young, Vice President International

Richard Young, Vice President International


I have over 20 years of direct CRM experience and helped to establish the UK market for CRM back in the early ’90s. I’ve covered all aspects of CRM, from presales to sales, consultancy and technology.

In each of the roles, I’ve ensured the alignment of the strategic business goals with CRM and customer experience for both customers and the organisations I’ve worked with. This gives me a great deal of experience to draw on to resolve your companies problems/pains.

5.3 – From Rolodex to Cloud – the lessons we have learned from the CRM journey

Room 4

Many things have changed since the days of rolodex and Excel spreadsheets. In 2007, Salesforce created the next big change in the CRM industry, introducing the world to cloud-based CRM and addressing the criticism that cloud-based applications weren’t configurable. Learn how this myth has been debunked, what lessons we have learned along the way – […]

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