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Denise Linay, Head of Organising and Engagement

Denise Linay, Head of Organising and Engagement

Royal College of Midwives

Denise Linay is Head of Organising and Engagement with the Royal College of Midwives.

Denise has responsibility for the development and implementation of the RCM’s Organising and Engagement Strategy which seeks to effectively target recruitment activity, develop RCM Workplace Representatives, Branch Officers and MSW (Maternity Support Workers) Advocates  and encourage RCM members to engage with local, regional and national campaigns.

She has led on a number of RCM initiatives that support education and development. Denise is currently a member of a   Project Group responsible for the successful implementation of a new CRM and RCM website. She sits on a number of national groups on behalf of the RCM.

2.3 – Connect, Represent, Engage: Digital Participation with Members, Millennials and Beyond!

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The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) is the only professional organisation and trade union dedicated to serving midwifery and the whole midwifery team. This seminar will focus on how the organistion is optimising digital participation for a wide range of key member segments and will be facilitated by Head of Orginising and Engagement, Denise Linay. […]

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