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Clare Bennett, Principal Consultant

Clare Bennett, Principal Consultant


During the past 18 years in the Internet industry I have seen a lot of change and have done everything from product development and marketing, set up the production and client services side of an agency before moving on to lead the operational side and then business development and account management at Director and Board level. More recently, for nearly 6 years, my experience is in the not-for-profit and membership sector. I have provided digital consultancy for clients, running the commercial side and managing partnerships for a digital communications agency and contracting for a technology consultancy leading the Practice, developing consultants and a Project Sponsor role for clients.

I am now a Principal Consultant for management consultancy, Purple, helping clients through business transformations.

I have experience of setting up a company and growing it to double the size across multiple locations as well as acquisition and the logistical and cultural challenges that brings.

The hundreds of clients I have worked with, to help grow their organisations using the Internet, are broad ranging from start-up businesses to luxury brands, governments and now NFPs, membership organisations, regulatory and professional bodies, trade unions and charities.

The Internet services I have helped people with include online strategy development: business and ecommerce systems development, technical integration projects, website design, digital marketing strategies, and strategic business development.

5.6 Using meaningful data to drive membership growth

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This seminar is delivered by Purple and will deliver the following learning objectives: – Learn how to use predictive analytics to transform the member journey – Understand how data can help you build an overseas growth model – Hear how your peers are using data to improve member relationships

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