Ben Harwood, Digital Marketing Manager (Social & Engagement)

Ben Harwood, Digital Marketing Manager (Social & Engagement)

The National Trust

Digital Marketing Manager; specialising in content and engagement.

Experienced Social Media trainer; running workshops and speaking at industry conferences.
Heritage professional; passionate about my work in the charity sector.

I concentrate on reactive content, testing and learning with tone-of-voice and where we can take the audience across our ten social communities. During my time at the Trust, these channels have seen phenomenal growth, and I now manage a collective community over a million strong.

Responsible for steering the strategic direction of over one thousand social touchpoints across our organisation; I devise and deliver our training programme, write our national guidelines and advise on regional social strategies.

I’ve delivered the digital side to a number of the Trust’s largest campaigns, and determine direction during difficult online situations. I’m currently responsible for a team of social media executives and our team of freelance community managers.

Social media has become an integral part of the way our organisation thinks and acts, and I’ve been at the forefront of this change – driving us forward towards the opportunities our social advocates and communities will provide.

Ben also invited his team to contribute a few lines for his biography. As you’ll see, that was a mistake:

“Part of Ben’s great success in the field of social media is his employment of expert advisers, including his 14 year old niece, who had to talk him through Tumblr”

“A professional vegetarian and full time dog photo sharer, Ben’s worked at the National Trust for so long that he’s now considered one of their objects of historic interest”

“He’s his own personal Facebook War Room – 24/7”

“Ben’s garment of choice is a gilet”

“Ben will be tattooing the NT oakleaf on his arm as soon as he decides on the colour”

How to make friends and engage-ienate people

Main Auditorium

This member engagement and retention focused keynote session will be led by Ben Harwood, Digital Marketing Manager (Social and Engagement) at the National Trust –  the second largest membership body in the UK that recruits a new member every minute during the Summer months! This session will deliver the following educational learning outcomes: – Establish […]