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Alan Perestrello, Director & Co-Founder

Alan Perestrello, Director & Co-Founder


Alan is responsible for ensuring that all Trillium’s clients are happy and that our services and solutions deliver value by being creative, cost effective and relevant.

Alan has previously worked as Principle consultant and later Operations Director for eFurnace, an IT services consultancy followed by Business Development Director at Challow, focusing on Charities and Law firms.

In 2010, Alan and Gavin Pollock formed Trillium, leveraging their years of experience in Microsoft technologies and websites, to enable digital transformation in for Membership and Charity sectors

6.4 – Why an omnichannel approach is the future of member engagement

Room 5

Your stakeholders now have the power to choose the channel and device they use to communicate and interact with you. They’re more empowered than ever, and to win favour, you need to become channel-agnostic. That means providing a consistent level of service and value at every touchpoint, increasingly simultaneously – this is the omnichannel member […]

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